Indigenous Young Women: Speaking Our Truths, Building Our Strengths

The Native Youth Sexual Health Network is in partnership with the Girls Action Foundation for the Indigenous Young Women Speaking Our Truths, Building Our Strengths national project. Lead by a peer council made up of 10 Indigenous young women that is coordinated by NYSHN directly, this project focuses on Indigenous young women’s leadership, empowerment, solidarity-building, and ending violence. It seeks to meet young women where they are at; emphasizing the reality that youth ideas matter and that youth are experts in their own right! Indigenous women’s strength has always existed in Indigenous communities, and it continues to grow. Elders, teachers, and mentors play a key role in this project, which is otherwise by and for self- identified young Indigenous women between the ages of 16-25, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, status or non-status, beneficiary or non-beneficiary. Those who identify as women, Trans, Two Spirit, or gender non-conforming are welcome.